11 Great Android Apps for Global Learning

Here is a poke to learners of the world. Android has been churning out some amazing apps to educate people who seek knowledge in different subjects, and it has been churning them out pretty fast. Be it decrypting the difficult mathematical puzzles, or the immersive history lessons or for that matter, Geographical maps for the exploring minds, these apps intrigue one and all:

Nursery Rhymes Video & Lyrics

Why just kids? If you want a rush of nostalgia for yourself, download this app and let surreal poems take you back to the leisurely loops of childhood. The app combines over 100 rhymes that can be learned watching various videos and images, making it all the more interactive.


The Kindle app gives you an easy access to a whole lot of books for children. With such a huge array of choices, the app also serves readers of more serious literature. You can find ePapers, eMagazines, etc through this app.

Timeline EonsTimeline Eons

Easily the best app out there for children looking for invigorating history lessons! Focusing on stunning images, this app gives a detailed insight into the human history through scrollable timelines, important facts, and features like Today in History. Everything from ancient history to the current state of affairs is covered by Timeline Eons.

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

Making children learn languages is always a challenge, but this app makes it an interesting experience. Not just kids, even adult can utilize this app for learning languages like Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and more.

Current Affairs 2013

Let’s say it without masking, children hate political affairs, let alone memorizing facts about them. But this app presents the facts in figures in an out of the ordinary manner that helps kids concentrate more on the subject.

SpeakingPal English Tutor

A highly interactive app for learning, SpeakingPal English Tutor introduces a video character that imparts English lectures verbally and also listens to you when you speak out certain sentences in English. It comes equipped with speech recognition feature. The app is also used in companies where there is a need for training personnel in the language. Its usability has won it recognition at 2013 Learning Awards for Innovative Learning Service (UK).

Learn English Speaking

The app keeps it as simple as its name. It offers insightful English lessons, displays BBC news, and keeps the interactive meter quite high at the same time. It is a lightweight app that hardly burdens the memory of your Android phone.

World Map 2013 FREE

Let your Android phone take you to the world. With World Map at your fingertips, you can know about the locales of all the cities of the world. Everything is offline, which means you don’t have to go looking for an Internet connection to browse through the World Map.

Fun Math Tricks Lite

Time for some brain teasing, Fun Math Tricks Lite comes loaded with some remarkable Math tricks that are sure to leave your friends gasping for breath, once you pull one out on them.

For you to keep gliding along the learning simulations, make room for these apps and get going.