5 Ways to Use Mind Mapping Apps in the Classroom

Mind mapping is a process practiced by many professionals in order to develop the base strategies for various projects. Everything from planning out advertising and budgets to graphic design and logo development can benefit from using these apps. Children can easily incorporate their lives into mind mapping as well. This can help teach them how to develop strategies for many things in life. What are some examples of using mind mapping software in the classroom?

Developing a Storyline

Mind mapping can help young authors develop a storyline for a creative writing class. Each bubble can relate to a particular section of the story, and the student can develop a chain of ideas that can allow it to unfold logically. It could also help a writer decide on how the plot can progress as ideas could be sacrificed for others in order to make the story streamlined.


Regardless of the objective, mind mapping can help develop goals and the steps needed to take in order to succeed. If a step is too difficult to accomplish as a whole, it can be broken down even further by adding more steps to each process. Some mapping applications include the ability to place check mark graphics to signify when each section has been accomplished.

Displaying Curriculum

Mind mapping doesn’t have to remain student specific. You can use these apps to demonstrate to the class a progression of learning. With the ultimate goal being the completion of the class, each section can be broken down and displayed for the students. Some of these apps can be included on websites using embedding code that will display the map in order for students to follow along from home.

Science Projects

Depending on the project, there could be a number of changes that could happen due to alterations in formula or measurements. Using mind mapping applications can keep a running track of the impact certain changes may have. It is common to revisit the branches of a project in order to help in successful progression based on what failed in the past. Eventually, a single branch of the experiment will remain as soon as the project is completed.

Literature Psychology

Mind mapping software can help your students break down the psychology of a character in literature. As the students choose a specific character in a book, you can have them break down what they learn throughout the novel in order to develop a psychoanalysis. While this may be reserved for older students, it could make the reading of the literature more interesting as you and the students have an opportunity to discuss why the individual in the book behaved and acted the way he or she did. Students can be quite insightful when it comes to determining the emotional states of characters and how behaviors are linked the way they are.

These are just a few ways that mind mapping applications can help in the classroom. Some of the more elaborate styles of these apps include team use and sharing on social media sites. It’s a versatile tool that can be quite useful in virtually any environment. Whether you are teaching math, literature or even physical education, the mind mapping app can help you develop a detailed and interactive method for teaching your class.