5 Web 2.0 Sticky Note Sites


Sticky Notes and Bulletin Boards

Let’s take a quick look at 5 web 2.0 sticky note sites perfect for project-based learning and technology integration. These websites are great for teacher use such as a classroom homepage and student use for various projects.


Stixy is an online bulletin board on which you can add stickies, images, documents and calendar dates. This site works great as a classroom homepage; you can add “to do” notes on the board which are added to the calendar.

5 web 2.0 sticky note sites - stixy




Stormboard (formerly Edistorm) is an online bulletin board that is perfect for developing writing projects. Students can brainstorm, collaborate and organize their thoughts. Add video, images and more! Students can even vote for the most important stickies, hide the rest and export their board as an Excel spreadsheet.


5 web 2.0 sticky note sites




Twiddla is a very powerful online whiteboard that includes sticky notes, text, images and drawing tools. A chat feature is also included, excellent for students collaborating on a project for homework.

5 web 2.0 sticky note sites




Formerly known as Wallwisher, Padlet is a simple, efficient online bulletin board. This site has an easy to use interface perfect for younger students. Create a wall then double click to add a sticky note. You can also add images, audio and video links.

5 web 2.0 sticky note sites


Bonus: A site very similar to Wallwisher is Corkboard.me

5 web 2.0 sticky note sites




One of the best online bulletin board experiences can be found at Linoit. Set your background to look like a cork board or even use a picture. Then add stickies (with or without due dates), images, videos, documents and even private notes that are viewable by only you. Linoit is excellent as a homepage for your class as well as student projects.


5 web 2.0 sticky note sites


What other web 2.0 sticky note sites are you using? Please post a comment below and thanks for reading the educational technology blog Teach Amazing!



Kelly Miller 16-04-2013, 15:15

Thanks for this list! My favorite is Stixy and my students love it too. It is a great choice for student projects.


Margaret 05-07-2013, 11:49

Good list of different collaborative board. Another great one that I use (in beta now) is mural.ly The students loved it and they worked in groups to collaborate on an idea. An example is on my blog thesocialworkpad.wordpress.com and you can see more great tools on my twitter page socialworkpad.

Bill Youngdahl 26-12-2013, 17:02

Thanks very much for sharing this list. I hope you will also consider Teamput (http://www.teamput.com).
With Teamput, students can gather their ideas on their own canvas and then drag their ideas to a side-by-side shared canvas.

I developed Teamput to improve inclusion in online idea generation. It’s amazing what a few minutes of individual idea generation can do to improve engagement and inclusion!

All the best,

Bill Youngdahl
Founder, 14falcons (creators of Teamput)


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