7 Mobile-Friendly Collaboration Tools

How do you facilitate collaboration with your students? Well, this important skill is much easier these days with excellent new, mobile-friendly applications.

As Nina Morel states in her excellent article, Collaboration: An Essential Skill for the 21st Century,

Collaboration promotes deep learning that is needed to identify and solve complex problems. Learning has always been a collaborative effort between teachers and students based on a strong human relationship. From the moment parents model speech to their newborn, we connect our relationships with our learning. Working with others to share ideas, take a point of view, defend a position, give and accept feedback, achieve consensus, and apply knowledge to a common goal lead to intellectual growth. In an age when critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation are so important, students must have the opportunity to develop these skills in challenging collaborative environments.

Although technology is not a panacea for collaboration between students, it can help facilitate collaborative opportunities that do not exist without technology. This is especially true with ever increasing mobile technology.


Check out this list:

Collaboration ToolsGroupBoard

Groupboard turns your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a collaborative whiteboard, allowing you to draw and chat in real time with other people anywhere on the internet, even with users using a web browser. Use it for online tutoring, collaborative design, or just for fun!

ThinkBinder uses a simple, focused set of tools to allow users to collaborate and work more efficiently. This features chat, sharing, whiteboard collaboration, and more. Sign on and ask a question about calculus homework, work through a physics problem on the collaborative whiteboard, or video chat with a Spanish partner, all in one place.

Whiteboard Lite
This app lets students collaborate on the same whiteboard, whether for brainstorming, art projects, or visualizing concepts.

Scoodle Jam
Challenge curious minds with an engaging, collaborative, Common Core-aligned product for school and home. Scoodle Jam marries powerful creation tools with imaginative content that supports critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity, turning your iPad into a flexible learning environment.


BaiBoard is a collaborative service that enable real-time interaction among friends with its feature-rich drawing tools and collaborative services. BaiBoard client is currently available on iPad and Mac.

Scribble Press
Scribble Press is a multimedia creativity platform for creating, sharing, and publishing stories. Students can access the tool online or on iPads and can work together to create stories supporting classroom topics or lessons.


Feel free to post a comment with your favorite collaboration tools!