7 Tips for Using Social Media

Teaching and Learning with Social Media

Teaching and learning with social media can be a rewarding experience for all. In fact, we are about to launch a Social Media in the Classroom course that will make you a social media pro in your school district. Watch for the course soon!


Encourage Learning

The point is you have to use social media in ways that encourage learning, by you and your students. Let’s look at 7 ways to use social media effectively.

  1. Always have a profile picture. Sure the Twitter egg is cute but a picture real person helps build a connection. What about a cartoon avatar? Well, it is better than nothing but a picture of yourself helps other users and followers to think of you as a real person.
  2. 7 Tips for Using Social MediaPost thoughtfully and not too often. You probably know some people who will blast out a series of posts…people stop reading quickly.
  3. Focus on others and not just yourself. Mention accomplishments of colleagues and teaching teams instead of posting a selfie.
  4. Participate in discussions, tweet-ups, etc. Sure it is great to just look and read content feeds…like looking at Pinterest for eight hours straight. But, you will learn and grow more when you put yourself out there.
  5. Make connections with people you have not met in person. Okay, so this may seem scary but just use common sense. Some of the best teaching ideas can come from great teachers across the country.
  6. Share a variety of topics. You may be the best science teacher in the school district and sure you want to post about your awesome lesson ideas. However, go ahead and post about your hobbies and interests as well. People will see you as a real person and will want to share more with you.
  7. Be courteous to others. This goes for real life too! Sometimes (or often times) you will see people being complete jerks when interacting via social media. That’s ridiculous! If you have to, just reply, “How nice.” If you are from the South you know what that means!

Teachers, more than any other profession are using social media as a learning tool. Use these tips and get out there and learn something new today!

What awesome tips do you have?