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What We Are

Founded by Mark Brumley, Teach Amazing! is an educational technology website dedicated to bringing you the best educational technology, web 2.0, and tips to teach amazing. Our passion for technology in the classroom focuses on leveraging free webtools, social media and a pragmatic approach to their implementation in the curriculum.

The founder of Teach Amazing, Mark Brumley, is a lifelong educator and educational technology leader who has lived and worked around the globe. A highlight of his career was a one-on-one meeting in the White House with The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, to discuss educational technology. He has received rave reviews for his technology workshops, not only for his engaging presentation style, but also for the usability of the content. Mark is committed to helping teachers create technology rich lessons that provide authentic learning experiences and enhance the education of 21st Century learners.


What We Are Not

Did you know many of the educational forums, blogs, etc. are actually funded and managed by computer companies, corporations and educational publishers?

Well, that is definitely NOT the case here at Teach Amazing! We have no corporate sponsors (we have turned down offers) We run this site with only one agenda, “Provide the best educational technology, web 2.0, and tips to teach amazing.”


In Short

We will do our absolute best to bring you the best educational technology strategies for classroom use. Please sign up for the Teach Amazing newsletter and we will send you all sorts of great stuff!


Thank you for visiting Teach Amazing!