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Do you love Prezi but want a few more features? Try Ahead.com. Ahead is a non-linear presentation tool similar to Prezi. You can load just about any type of content, then move and resize it.  Seems like Prezi…right? Well, I have always wanted a few layers and Ahead delivers. It includes a background layer, perfect for a large image, and a front layer…both remain static.

All of the main content is in the zooming layer. So, you can create (or your students can create) innovative presentations with content that moves over or under static content. For example, place a map of the country you are studying in the background layer and place your content in the zooming layer.



In addition to the layer features, Ahead uses scenes to determine the order and zoom level. If you are familiar with Prezi, a scene is similar to a frame. Click and drag a new scene and then drag content into it. Get creative with the size and layering of scenes.

Give Ahead.com a try and let me know what you think.


Gary Bender 08-05-2013, 17:45

yup …. flash based is a no go and really behind the curve – – why not HTML 5 based?

Lisa Larson-Kelley 26-09-2014, 10:06

@GaryBender — Because, unfortunately, HTML5 isn’t ready yet across all major browsers. Until the performance and features can be matched, Flash is still alive. We’ll get there, to be sure, but not there yet.

Teach Amazing!
Teach Amazing! 01-10-2014, 08:53

Hi…Prezi is now using JavaScript instead of Flash. GIve it a try on your iPad and see how it performs.


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