Astrid – Organization and Collaboration

Astrid is a tool for organization and collaboration. Available online and through smartphone apps, you may access your lists and projects from multiple locations. Sign up for an account with Astrid and begin creating to-do lists. As you add tasks, you can change the due date, add any relevant notes, rank the importance of the task or assign the task to someone to complete. Organize your tasks by category, such as personal, public or work.  Invite friends to see and share your lists.

Astrid - Teach Amazing

Astrid in Education

For teachers and other school officials, Astrid helps improve organization. If you are a principal,  create lists and add teachers to them to remind them when lesson plans, portfolios and other reports or documentation is due. Maybe you head a committee or a department and want to make sure all members know what is expected of them and are on the same page with the agenda. Share your professional lists with your fellow teachers and have them hold you accountable for staying on task and meeting your goals.  Do the same for them in return.

For students, Astrid provides a way to organize group projects or make sure students meet project deadlines. Students can work together to create project outlines, then assign the tasks on the outline to different group members.  Should one group member not pull his weight, Astrid provides evidence for the other group members to share with the teacher.