Audioviator – Audio Tours

Audioviator is a tool for downloading audio tours of cities and tourist destinations throughout the world. To find an audio tour, search by the city or place name or browse the selection of audio tours by country. Once you find an audio tour to meet your needs, you may download it for free. Each download comes with multiple MP3 files and an attached PDF file with an overview of the tour and information about the location, such as hours and entrance fees. You may also make a microsite, or a small button containing the audio tour, to add to your website or blog.Audioviator - Audio Tours

Audioviator and Education

Audioviator may be used in two different ways: inside and outside the classroom. Outside the classroom, teachers may use Audioviator instead of hiring a tour guide when they take a school trip to one of the featured museums or historical landmarks. Instead of straining to listen to a tour guide, students can download the audio tour, place it on their MP3 players and learn all about the location.Inside the classroom, Audioviator gives teachers a way to introduce students to places they may never experience in person. Teachers may play the audio tour for the entire class and show an accompanying slideshow or PowerPoint presentation. Using audio tours in this way will help students experience new places as if they were actually there and help enhance the curriculum for auditory learners.