Brainshark – Web 2.0 Online Presentations

BrainsharkIs Brainshark just like SlideShare? In my opinion…no. I like it a lot better.

It definitely looks like a typical online slide tool. You can upload an existing PowerPoint presentation and voila…you can view it online. So, if you need to share a PowerPoint with a wide audience, Brainshark works great.

You can also construct your content from within the web application. Upload images, documents and videos. In addition, you can add a live webpage within your presentation. So, you could actually put a Ustream feed as one of your slides.

If you need to add voice over to slides, you can do it by calling a phone number and then narrating. You don’t get stellar audio quality but it works.

For your next classroom presentation, try Brainshark. Let me know what you think and let me know if you like it better than SlideShare.

Here’s a sample from the site: