Bullying Awareness Activities

Teachers like you are making a huge impact in preventing bullying. Keep up your valiant efforts by involving your students in bullying awareness campaigns.

Classroom ideas

Let’s go way beyond the typical poster contest. Start with classroom discussions to discover types of bullying and what students should do if they are a victim. Then, have students choose a bullying situation and solution and, well, make a poster. Sounds pretty typical, right? Don’t worry; we’ll kick it up a notch in a minute.

For posters, use technology to make a punch. Microsoft PowerPoint works awesome to combine images and text into a powerful message. Here’s a tip; make sure you change the orientation to portrait. In PowerPoint, go to the Design tab, click Slide Orientation and select Portrait. Print the posters and get ready for the next step below. For another technology integration idea, have students create their own “motivational poster” against bullying. Go to Big Huge Labs Motivator and have students create their own anti-bullying masterpiece. Make sure you print these posters for all to see.

Bullying-Awareness-ActivitiesGo Interactive

Let’s make the whole project interactive. First, have students type a personal message about bullying prevention. Then, snap a digital picture of each student holding their poster. Head over to Tales of Things to put the message and image together and generate a QR code…that’s right, a QR code! Print out the QR codes and attach to each poster.

With QR code adorned posters in hand, create a gallery of anti-bullying in your school. Invite students, parents and community officials to view the gallery and make sure you alert them to have a QR code reader available on their smart phone. When a QR code is scanned, the participant will see an image of the student who created the poster along with their personal message. It’s a great way to engage the audience and integrate technology into the learning experience.

Give this project a try and let us know how it goes. Keep up your great work to protect our children against bullying!

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