Create Surveys and Graded Quizzes with Google Drive


Using Google apps such as Google Forms and Google Sheets (spreadsheet similar to Microsoft Excel) is free and easy. These tools combine to provide and excellent way to receive feedback and even distribute self-graded quizzes.

Imagistory – Spark Creative Storytelling


Spark creative storytelling with Imagistory, an iPad app for younger students. Within the app, students choose a picture book included with the app. Currently, two books are included for free.

Get Started with Classroom Badges

badges in the classroom

Developing a system to award digital badges and introduce gamification in your classroom is catching on like crazy. Students are naturally drawn to these types of achievement awards from their experiences with video games, scouting, and more.

6 Tips to Curb Student Distraction


There’s no doubt that in all my years integrating technology and teaching professional development to teachers, one topic always arises…student distraction. The fact is, some students will get off task when using technology (these are usually the same students who get off task in other educational settings) and you need to have strategies in place to retain focus.

5 Free Tools for the Flipped Classroom

Digital Tools

Flipped classrooms offer the student the opportunity to stop, reflect, and review the lesson (often the lesson is in video form) instead of frantically taking notes. This feature alone is a huge advantage and fosters individual learning styles.

7 Tips for Using Social Media

7 Tips for Using Social Media

You can learn to use social media in ways that encourage learning, by you and your students. Let’s look at 7 ways to use social media effectively.

Pick the Perfect Book with Book Wizard App

Book Wizard App

Teachers and parents are often looking for books at the perfect reading level for their kiddos. This can be challenging, especially when you are not in the school library with your helpful library media specialist. I can tell you I have been in books stores (both brick and mortar and online) and had no clue if I was selecting books at the appropriate reading level.

7 Mobile-Friendly Collaboration Tools

Collaboration Tools

How do you facilitate collaboration with your students? Well, this important skill is much easier these days with excellent new, mobile-friendly applications.

Word 2013 – New Bookmark Feature

Word 2013

Check out the cool new bookmark feature in Word 2013. This little gem saves tons of time trying to find where you left off in a document.

Word 2013 – Open a Document

Word 2013

This video takes you through the steps to find and open a document. Okay…so this is pretty basic but we are starting at the beginning!