Word 2013 – User Interface

Word 2013

Check out this video on the Word 2013 user interface.

5 Ways to Use Mind Mapping Apps in the Classroom


Mind mapping is a process practiced by many professionals in order to develop the base strategies for various projects. Everything from planning out advertising and budgets to graphic design and logo development can benefit from using these apps. Children can easily incorporate their lives into mind mapping as well.

Online Learning Communities: Why Students and Teachers Need Them

Online Learning Communities

Scot Osterweil, a Professor at the MIT Media Lab, said in an article that “it’s strange. We’ve always seen technology as a way of increasing productivity and saving labor. And now that we’re actually reaping those benefits, we don’t know what to do about it.”

iPad Breakage and Theft

IPads in the Classroom - Breakage

I have started and managed several 1:1 programs at different schools. No matter what, there will be some breakage. I can say confidently that 99.5% of the time, this breakage is completely accidental.

Social Media Tips for Teachers

Social Media Tips for Teachers

As you interact more with social media, you leave more and more digital footprints. This is not necessarily a bad thing and can actually be used to positively promote you as a teaching professional. And, the concept of a digital footprint is an important discussion to have with students as well.

$10 Starbucks Card for February Winner


All February we are having a contest to see who can earn the most points. Sign in to the Teach Amazing Game using your Twitter or Facebook account.

IPads Can Promote Language Skills Among Autistic Children


A new study has found iPads can facilitate speech development in children diagnosed with autism. This research is monumental for parents with autistic children, as there are many parents who have been unable to converse with their children because of the limitations posed by the disorder.

Top Cloud Collaboration Services for Education


One of the most important tech trends of the decade is definitely cloud computing that created a vast space for innovation in different industries.

New App for Diagramming

Process On

ProcessOn is a new web diagram platform that offers an intuitive way to create diagrams and collaborate with others. Unlike other digramming service in the marketing, the novelty of ProcessOn brings about a new diagramming experience.

11 Great Android Apps for Global Learning

Timeline Eons

Here is a poke to learners of the world. Android has been churning out some amazing apps to educate people who seek knowledge in different subjects, and it has been churning them out pretty fast…