Combine Webtools to Create Interactive Online Environment

I love to merge various Webtools (formerly known as Web 2.0) to build creative combinations. My latest discovery is a blend of several favorite sites to enhance face to face and/or online learning.

Are We In a Social Media Echo Chamber?

Are we blogging and tweeting to the choir? I’m not here to answer the question; I am seriously asking, “Are we in an echo chamber?”

Football Will Drive School Reform

What if football coaches learn that we can now have class anytime, anywhere and decide football practice should not start at 3:30PM? Cross-posted from Digital Learning Environments Blog

Combining Web 2.0 Part 3 – The Margarita

Add all the Web 2.0 ingredients and blend them up!

Embed Voki in Glogster

Is is possible to embed a Voki in Glogster?


Compelling Time Lines One of my favorite educational technology web 2.0 sites is It is super easy for students to create compelling time lines. From famous battles to famous people in history, Dipity works great. Students will need to sign up for an account. You can use the Gmail trick if your students don’t […]