10 Sites and Apps to Improve Writing


Getting your students to stay focused while writing isn’t easy! The writing curricula become increasingly challenging as students advance in their education, and developing these skills is such an important part of teaching.

Benefits of an Open University

Open University

Nowadays, a lot of the most reputed universities worldwide are providing their degrees through the web. They have found it an easier way to make the learners aware of the recent changes in the industry by offering them the degrees of their choice. So, what exactly are the benefits of these online courses and how it can actually make education an easier endeavour for the learners?

Top 10 Technology Hardware of 2013


Check out this review of the ten best hardware products the technology companies brought us in 2013.

Lessons Outside of the Classroom


When you teach in the classroom, how many times do you see the eyes of students glaze over? Maybe what they need is a change of scenery. But how? You can’t just stop teaching every time a student gets bored. Maybe you could try moving the class outside. You can still teach, and it may be more interesting.

Understanding Different Software License Types

Software Licenses

Check out this list of common software license types and what they mean.

Funding in the Classroom


From parent donors to anonymous givers, there are many people online that are willing to provide the funds a teacher needs to carry out his or her classroom projects.

7 Technologies Every College Student Should Know


Here’s a mix of tech savvy skills and gadgets that you absolutely should learn to know and use effectively if you want to make your life easier, more connected and smoother while you’re moving through school and career building.

4 Essential Apps for High School

4 apps for high school

With back-to-school season in full swing, it’s time to stock up on the essentials. Notebooks, pens, folders, and…a new smartphone? Many high schools have decided to loosen their policies banning electronic devices in the classroom, creating ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policies that allow students to become independent learners and incorporate technology into their everyday educational […]

Core Curriculum and College Preparedness


Is Core Curriculum Rotten? Common Core Curriculum is meant to be an equalizing force but the results are not too convincing. What’s your take?

Improve Online Teaching with Exam Creator Software

Exam Software

Exam creator software makes it easier to create solid exams that thoroughly test your student’s knowledge of the subject. It also makes it easier to distribute the exams and helps ensure proper grading.