SaaS Growing in Schools


Though SaaS providers have been on the scene for some years now, it is just now that they have really come of age in the school environment.

Tips For Teaching Kids to Start Blogging


Through blogging, students can exercise and hone in on their writing, reading and critical thinking skills, and have a place to stimulate their creative potential.

Hook ‘Em Into Learning


One of the best ways to boost engagement is with fun. To kick off a unit, do something silly. Do something that the kids will remember. Do something that has a strong emotional hook to it, that you can reference all year long. Tell the kids that is what you are doing and the purpose is for them to be instantly reminded of that unit. Give them one-liners and hang them on your wall as “tag lines.” Your test scores will be glad you did.

Hakia – Semantic Search Portal

Hakia – Semantic Search Portal

Of course I love Google and use it to search about a zillion times a day. However, many times I don’t think I am getting the complete picture. I really want various content types on the same search results page. Enter Hakia.

Web 2.0 in the Classroom – Part 8


Welcome to Web 2.0 in the Classroom – Part 8! In previous posts, you discovered several excellent web tools and curriculum integration ideas. Now let’s look at how to decide which web 2.0 sites to use for your lessons. You’ll explore several ways to evaluate sites, discover what is required for their use and determine if they will be viable tools for your students.

Bullying Awareness Activities


Teachers like you are making a huge impact in preventing bullying. Keep up your valiant efforts by involving your students in bullying awareness campaigns.

5 Resources for Struggling Readers


No matter what grade level or subject you teach, chances are you have students in your classroom who struggle with reading. While you know multiple ways to help discouraged readers, such as re-reading, using context clues and incorporating graphic organizers into your teaching, you have to admit these strategies are not fun for students.

Social Media in the Classroom – Part 6

social media in the classroom part 6

In this educational technology series, Social Media in the Classroom, we have covered a lot of ground. Now let’s look at several lesson ideas to get you started.

Flipped Classroom – Real World Student Feedback


As I do most years, I gave my students some reflection questions about our school year together. Since it was my first year of a totally flipped classroom, I was very curious to see what they’d have to say.

Vuvox Express – Great Presentation Alternative


This tool allows you to easily create ridiculously awesome slideshows with completely innovative looks. Sure, you can use it to show vacation photos, but try is as a presentation tool alternative.