Flipped Classroom – Screen Recording Tips


Screen recordings are an important part of the flipped classroom and numerous other instructional activities. You don’t have to be a pro videographer or presenter to create fantastic looking screen recordings.

When Opportunity Knocks

texas council

The Texas Council of Community Centers touches hundreds of thousands of lives per year serving people with developmental disabilities, substance use concerns and mental health issues.

Social Media in Education – Part 5


Microblogging is an excellent activity for students, however, your school may not allow Twitter. Or, if your students do not have school email accounts, it may be a challenge for students to create an actual Twitter ID. No worries! Alternatives exist that are just as good and work great for students.

Classroom Funding Ideas


Wouldn’t it be great to get the classroom funding you need? Thanks to several innovative crowd-funding websites, you can take your case for funding to the world and find cash for your school projects.

5 Ways to Help Students in the Flipped Classroom


Another awesome flipped classroom post from Linda Gutierrez! Check out these 5 tips to help students flip over their own learning!

5 Search Engine Alternatives


Sure, Google is the undisputed leader in the world of internet search engines. However, as educators, it’s important to constantly expose our students to a wide variety of tools and teach them one size does not always fit all. Let’s dive in and explore a number of excellent search alternatives, all with specific qualities that work well in various situations.

Educational Technology and Copyright Law


In the educational technology world, the matter of copyright and “fair use” pops up with almost every project. Can you, as a teacher use images from the Internet? Can students search for images and use them in their projects? In most cases, the answer is…

9 Web 2.0 Sites to Publish Student Work

9 web 2.0 sites to publish student work

Publishing educational technology content online, in eye-catching formats, is easier than ever. And, students love to publish their projects online and share with their family and friends. Use these easy-to-use web 2.0 sites to publish, share and celebrate student work.

Visual Social Bookmarking with Pearltrees


This educational technology post introduces you to the amazing world of visual social bookmarking. Combining a mind-blowing user interface with excellent classroom usability, visual social bookmarking sure to be a valuable tool for you and your students.

3 Book Report Alternatives

3 Book Report Alternatives

The traditional book report poster is feared by 21st Century students across the globe and frowned on by the educational technology community. You know, read a book and create a poster. Include the title, setting, your thoughts, etc.