Web 2.0 Projects – The Lesson I Never Learn

Web 2.0 in the Classroom - No print

This scenario, involving web 2,0 in the classroom, has happened to me so many times you would think I would know better by now. Here’s a typical situation…

5 Web 2.0 Image Editors


I have totally abandoned using installed image editing software…even excellent open source applications such as Paint.NET or GIMP. Instead I use online sources not only in the classroom but for more complex personal use. Here are some favorites roughly organized from more to less powerful.

Backchanneling Fail

Backchanneling Fail

Backchanneling has been a buzz in educational technology circles for a few years now. Backchanneling is the teaching method when you allow students to communicate, usually via chat or a Twitter-like service, while instruction is happening. The problem is…backchanneling doesn’t work!

No More Digital Immigrants!

No More Digital Immigrants - Teach Amazing

“Digital Immigrants” used to be the Holy Grail of metaphors for technology teachers. Let’s band together and stop using this term!

5 Web 2.0 Sticky Note Sites

5 web 2.0 sticky note sites - stixy

Let’s take a quick look at 5 web 2.0 sticky note sites perfect for project-based learning and technology integration. These websites are great for teacher use such as a classroom homepage and student use for various projects.

The Perfect 1 to 1 Program

The perfect 1 to 1 program

So what is the best 1 to 1 program? The answer is the program that is designed firmly focused on your school mission. I want to say that again but this is crucial. Start with your mission.

Web 2.0 in the Classroom – Part 6

Web 2.0 in the Classroom

A huge benefit of web 2.0 in the classroom and educational technology is the ability for students to collaborate. The level of interaction varies greatly from website to website and ranges from synchronous to asynchronous. Let’s explore some great collaboration sites for the classroom.

Social Media in the Classroom – Part 3

Social Media in the Classroom

Social networks provide a powerful tool for learning. Your students can participate in learning activities that are similar to their everyday experiences using social media. Let’s take a look at several specific lesson strategies.

Move Over Three R’s, Here Come the Three C’s

Create, Curate, Collaborate

In the 20th Century, and probably back to the Renaissance, the “Three R’s”, reading, writing and arithmetic were arguably a good basis for education. But now we are in a new age and the Three R’s simply won’t do. We need to add what I call the “Three C’s”.

Combining Web 2.0 – The Troika Doll

Combining Web 2.0 - Troika Doll

Welcome to combining web 2.0! Let’s take a look at a cool way you can use web 2.0 in the classroom. I don’t know about you but whenever I find a new web 2.0 site, I think “This is cool, but how can I use this effectively to enhance learning?” Well, check this out!