Combining Web 2.0 – The Fruit Cake

web 2. 0 in the classroom - fruitcake

This post will explore an easier and certainly more obvious way to combine sites. I call this method Fruit Cake.

The Gmail Trick…Once and For All

The Gmail Trick

Create Student Email Accounts The Gmail trick is a must have for any teacher whose students do not have email accounts. So, that’s the majority of students today. With a little time, you can create student accounts for most web 2.0 sites. Lets go step-by-setp through this process. Create a Gmail account to be used […]

Promote Creativity When You’re Not Creative

Promoting creativity in the classroom

How Can I Help My Students Be Creative When I’m Not Creative Myself? Does that sound like you? Many technology advocates claim that high tech environments are the key to supporting students’ creativity. But it doesn’t always feel that simple.

Twitter for Professional Development: Ultra Beginner Edition

Twitter for Professional Development

Using Twitter as a platform for professional development is extremely powerful. However, I often find myself in front of a room full of teachers with the majority having no idea how Twitter works.

8 Tips to Spice Up a Flipped Classroom

8 tipsto spice up the flipped classroom

You must be able to multi-task all day long as a teacher. In a flipped classroom, this ability becomes even more important!

QR Codes and BYOD – A Perfect Match

QR Codes and BYOD

Before I discovered QR Codes, one of the most common phrases I heard when I asked my sixth grade students to visit certain websites in our Bring Your Own Device classroom was, “Mr. Weyers, the website doesn’t work!”   Hearing that, I would always saunter over to the student, look at their device, and discovered that […]

Social Media in the Classroom – Part 2

Social media in the classroom

In the first post in this series, Social Media in the Classroom – Part 1, we took a look at creating safe, school-centered social networks. Now let’s take a look at spicing up your classroom homepage.

Web 2.0 in the Classroom – Part 5

Web 2.0 in the Classroom - GoAnimate

Part 5 in the series Web 2.0 in the Classroom, let’s take a more in depth look at web 2.0 in the classroom with several diverse choices, excellent for web-based projects.

Web 2.0 in the Classroom – Part 4

Web 2.0 in the Classroom - From the education blog Teach Amazing

Discover the best web 2.0 sites for education. Let’s get started and take a look at a long list of good sites. Yes, there are many more out there but this will get you on the right track.

Social Media in the Classroom – Part 1


Welcome to this multi-part series focusing on Social Media in the classroom. Throughout these posts on the education blog Teach Amazing, you’ll learn how to engage your students in the social media driven world in which they live.