Chart Gizmo – Online Chart Builder


Standardized test results, grade distributions, assessment analyses, you have data coming out of your ears. Creating graphs and reports related to the data is time-consuming and usually takes a back burner in the midst of lesson planning, student issues and the wealth of other responsibilities teachers have on their plates. When your eyes are heavy from looking at the same spreadsheet over and over and you don’t know if you’ll ever make sense of the data, turn to Chart Gizmo.


Chart Gizmo allows you to create bar and line graphs, pie charts and seven other types of charts and graphs for summarizing your data. Import your data directly from an Excel spreadsheet to save having to manually enter your data.  From there, choose a way to publish your chart, such as on its own page, on your webpage or saved as an image file to insert directly into documents.  Administrators and fellow teachers will be impressed by the time and effort it looks like you put into your data presentation.