ChronoZoom – Visual Timeline of History

ChronoZoom is a tool developed to provide users with a visual timeline of history. Developed by U.C. Berkeley, Microsoft and the University of Moscow, the goal of ChronoZoom is to teach users how events in history connect, all the way back to the beginning of time itself. Users have the ability to view history in different increments, from billions of years to individual days. Connected to the events in ChronoZoom are articles, videos, sound clips and images to help users learn more about them.ChronoZoom - Visual Timeline of History

ChronoZoom in the Classroom

Using ChronoZoom is not limited to the history classroom. The goal of ChronoZoom is to help students make connections between time, history and multiple subject areas. As students study specific periods of history they have the ability to explore the scientific, mathematical, artistic and literary events which took place during those periods. Within larger timelines for periods such as The Industrial Revolution or Greek History are smaller timelines related to key topics, people and events which will help students narrow research topics and find areas of interest within a broader spectrum.In addition to helping students discover history, ChronoZoom helps teachers find a range of resources to use as part of their lesson plans. As you find useful resources, teachers can add them to a personal canvas or tour to share with students and cover multiple learning styles at the same time.