Classroom Funding Ideas

Wouldn’t it be great to get the classroom funding you need? Thanks to several innovative crowd-funding websites, you can take your case for funding to the world and find cash for your school projects.

Goals and a Plan

First, before you start seeking crowd-funding, make sure you have clear goals and a plan if you receive money. People who donate online want to be part of something great and meaningful. Make it clear that you are not begging for money, but inviting people to help you change the world. Also, be ready to pump your project via social media. Raising money for your classroom will not magically happen if you post on a website. Use social media and get the word out!

Crowd-funding Options

Let’s check out some options for classroom funding. Schoola provides a new way for schools to fundraise. Work with local businesses to offer deals as well as use national deals Schoola has already arranged. Schoola creates a beautiful email to send to your school community and post on social media. It’s quick and easy and your school gets a portion of each sale. You can have your fundraiser up and running in a matter of minutes!

If your project focuses on social good, try Start Some Good. This site focuses on social entrepreneurs who want to solve world problems. A similar website is Pozible which has a focus on creative endeavors. Post your project, get donations and offer donors rewards for their support.

Most Popular

By far, the most popular site for classroom funding is This site is built only for funding public school projects and boasts a whopping 70% success rate. Post any sort of classroom need from chalkboard erasers to a new laptops. Then, publicize your project and watch the donations start coming in. If you meet your goal, (and 70% do) your purchases will be sent directly to the school. You do have responsibilities such as writing thank you notes to donors but it’s definitely worth the effort. While you’re on the site, make sure you donate to colleagues’ worthy projects.

Give these sites a try and get your classroom project funded. What are your thoughts and experiences? Please post a comment below and thanks for reading the educational technology blog Teach Amazing!