Combine Webtools to Create Interactive Online Environment


I love to merge various web 2.0 sites to build creative combinations. My latest discovery is a blend of several favorite sites to enhance face to face and/or online learning. This combination will feature and interactive online space and incorporate a backchannel.

I need a base platform and one of my favorites is It features an online whiteboard, which I use the most, as well as other excellent tools such as EtherPad for collaborative text editing. You can also add sticky notes and drawings, similar to other online whiteboards. The real power comes from the ability to embed code. This opens an endless world of possibilities; you can embed almost anything.

Let’s take a look at this in action. I want three things from my technology: interactive space for all of us, backchannel and place for me to present some content. Ideally this can be taught face to face, online or both…so I guess I really need four things.

NOTE: This tutorial is being recreated in a non-Flash format! Check back soon.

Watch this video for the tutorial: