Combining Web 2.0 Part 3 – The Margarita

This is the third post of this series…combining web 2.0 sites in creative ways.

Let’s think about a margarita. You know how you put a small can of Minute Made limeade in the blender, add a can full of tequila, a splash of triple sec, fill it with ice and blend it? (If you don’t, I highly recommend this recipe.) Then you are rewarded with a completely mixed up concoction. You can no longer discern the individual parts. You scientists out there will call this a solution. That’s how to view this web 2.0 combination process. When you are done, it will be difficult to tell the different elements apart.

For the “blender” my favorite site to use is Animoto. If you are not familiar with Animoto, you can add images, movie clips and music; Animoto blends it into a really cool production. For the first, ingredient, we need the limeade…I mean some video. Let’s use a Voki that has been screen-grabbed with Screentoaster. For instructions on how to do this, go to this post, Embed Voki in Glogster, and watch the tutorial all the way up to saving the video. Of course you can use other video clips but a Voki is just too much fun.

Now we need the tequila…or, images. My favorite web 2.0 site to tweak images is Fotoflexer. For this step, I like students to have to create something…not just use an image they found via Google. Even more authentic is for students to snap their own images. In Fotoflexer, you can make collages, add text and zillion other effects. Save all the images in one folder for easy handling later. You will need about 10 images for an average 30 second project. The more video clips you have, the les images.

The final ingredient is audio. Sure you can use the audio tracks in Animoto and this works if you are in a rush. I like students to have to create all of the ingredients. So, I use Aviary. The audio editor, Myna, is absolutely amazing and quite intuitive. It is similar to Garage Band but free! Upper elementary students on up will have no problem creating cool music mixes. Don’t forget to “mixdown” your creations and download the resulting mp3. Below is a tutorial on Myna:

So now we have everything we need: short video clips, images tweaked to perfection and downloaded, and a 30 second soundtrack created in Myna. Now load them all to Animoto. Animoto is somewhat easy to figure out but feel free to go to Youtube and search for “Animoto tutorial”. You will find numerous videos showing you the basics. Basically, you have to do all these things: upload you images (you can do all of them at the same time which is why it is handy to have them all in one folder), upload your videos, determine how much of the video clips you will actually use, determine the order, possible add text, upload the music and render the movie. It sounds complex but it is actually super easy. Then, you have to wait a good while until the movie is finished.

Here’s a sample margarita project:

Try adding different ingredients…for example, download single frame Toondoo cartoons as images and throw those into an Animoto movie.

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