Create Surveys and Graded Quizzes with Google Drive

Using Google apps such as Google Forms and Google Sheets (spreadsheet similar to Microsoft Excel) is free and easy. These tools combine to provide and excellent way to receive feedback and even distribute self-graded quizzes.

As of the date of this post, Google has updated the look of Google Drive and moved things around. So, even if you have done this before make sure you read this post to find out where everything is.


Step 1: Access Google Drive


Step 2: Create a Google Form

  • To create a new form, which can be used as a survey or a quiz, click New > More > Google Forms.


Step 3: Add Title, Description, and First Question

  • Type a Title and Description for the Quiz.

    For the rest of this post we will use the word “quiz.” If you are creating a survey, just skip the last few steps where we grade the quiz.

  • The first question displays below the quiz description. Type a Question Title and set the Question Type to Text. Mark the Required question checkbox and click Done.

    IMPORTANT: The first question should be the student name and the question should be required. If you are sending an anonymous survey, you can skip this step. If you want to be able to sort scores by last name, create two separate questions…first name and last name.


Step 4: Additional Questions

  • Click Add Item to add additional questions.


  • For each question, type a Question Title, select the Question type, and type your answer choices. For additional answers, just start typing in the empty answer field. You can also have answers display in random order and require an answer.

  • Keep adding questions as needed. When you have created all of your questions, you are ready to collect responses.


Step 5: Collect Responses

  •  To collect responses, click the Responses tab and select Choose response destination.


  • Form responses are sent to a spreadsheet. Typically, this information is ready to go. Select New spreadsheet, type a title, and click Create.


Step 6: Send Form

  • After your quiz is created, click Send form. Copy the URL and email to your students.

  • Or, click Embed, copy the embed code, and paste into your classroom webpage, wiki, etc.


 Step 7: Collect Responses

  • Select the Responses tab and choose View responses. The Google sheet with the responses opens.


Step 8: Add Self-grading Script

  • In the responses spreadsheet, select the Add-ons tab and choose Get add-ons.

  • Search for and install Flubaroo. Note that Flubaroo is so popular it may showwithout searching.

  •  Click Accept when prompted.


Step 9: Grade Quiz

  • With Flubaroo installed, select the Add-ons tab, choose Flubaroo, and click Grade Assignment.

  • Assign points for each question in the quiz.

  • Then, select which form submission is the key.

    NOTE: You should take the quiz first and then select your entry as the key.

  • You are all set! Click View Grades.


You’re Done!

Your grades now display in the Google Sheet.


I hope this tutorial was helpful…please share with your colleagues!