Creating E-learning for Teachers – Part 1

Move Towards E-learning

If you are an educational technology leader who teaches technology to teachers, consider moving more towards e-learning. I am convinced creating just-in-time, on-demand learning is the way to go with more and more technology entering schools.

We’ll get to some of my favorite tools shortly. However, we need to briefly discuss instructional design. When you are teaching adults, you are an instructional designer. Two important principles of instructional design are the ADDIE model and adult learning theory. Briefly, ADDIE stands for Analysis, Design, Develop, Implementation and Evaluation. If you are a teacher, this will sound suspiciously like a lesson cycle. Each phase will be in proportion to the overall project. If you are creating a quick how-to video, your analysis phase will take a few minutes. Here’s a super quick analysis phase:

“I keep getting calls to reset forgotten passwords for the school website. Teachers are having trouble logging in and it is causing all sorts of headaches. I need to teach them how to log in which will help them and save me time.”

You get the idea. Also keep in mind adult learning theory. You have to directly address teacher questions and problems and offer solutions that will improve their lives. You uncover these questions during the analysis phase.

Quick E-learning Tools:

If you need a quick screencast try With Screenr, you do not install any software but you need to have the Java plugin. You can record up to five minutes of anything on your screen then save and share. You do not have editing capabilities so you have to record in one take. Screenr works great for answering technical help questions that you receive time after time. Create a library of self-help videos for your faculty.

Jing is similar to Screenr except it is a client-based application. Download it for free at It is a super easy tool for creating screencasts and screenshots.

Camtasia Studio
If you are getting serious about creating e-learning lessons for your teachers, you need to move to professional products. Start with Camtasia Studio to create professional screencast videos. It has a full suite of editing tools and can output to numerous formats. Just ability to edit videos makes it worth the money over the free counterparts. But when you add in the audio editing, callouts and quizzing features, it’s a must have for technology leaders.

Of those three tools, Screenr is probably the easiest to use and does not require downloading software. Give these a try and post a comment below. Thanks for reading the educational technology blog Teach Amazing.