Creately – Draw Diagrams Online

Creately is a tool for online diagramming and collaboration. To use Creately, you must register for an account. A free account only allows you to make public diagrams and does not allow you to collaborate with others, but special pricing is available for educators who desire accounts with those features. After creating an account, you create a project and within each project, you create documents. Once you choose a document template, you simply drag and drop shapes and people silhouettes to add text to or fill in the boxes  already on the template.

Creately - Teach Amazing

Creately in the Classroom

Develop your students’ critical thinking skills by bringing Creately into the classroom. Using the large collection of templates, have students complete Venn Diagrams and other compare/contrast charts, relationship charts and sequencing charts. In the history classroom, create timelines, family trees and cause and effect charts. In the science classroom, outline the steps of an experiment, create a cycle diagram, access an editable Periodic Table or use a SWOT analysis to help students identify possible ways to conduct an experiment or solve a problem. To boost students’ writing skills, have them create story maps, brainstorm ideas for research papers, organize their papers. Explore Creately’s extensive collection of templates to find other uses for your classroom. If you cannot find a template to meet your students’ needs, create your own and expand what Creately has to offer.