Diffen – Compare and Contrast Anything

At any given moment, you can bet a teacher somewhere is asking students to create a t-chart, Venn diagram or another chart for comparing and contrasting.  Diffen adds another resource to help students of all ages develop this important skill.  Essentially, Diffen is a collection of comparison charts for users to peruse and update.  Since Diffen is designed as a wiki, its topics are limited to what users have contributed. However, the wiki format makes it an ideal tool for getting your students to create their own comparison charts.


Using Diffen, elementary students can search for comparison charts for simple subjects such as dogs and cats or Hermione Granger and Harry Potter.  Older students can search for more complex topics, such as RNA vs. DNA or ethnicity vs. race.  Browse the recent comparisons or top 10 comparisons or enter your own two items to compare and see what comes up.