Educating Educators, Part 1

Technology training sessions are surely in your near future. August is when teachers return and school implement new technology tools and procedures. How do your successfully educate your educators? You probably know I you know I question traditional sit and get models of technology instruction. But, you have new technology to implement…what do you do?

Generate Excitement

Before any training begins, you must hype the new technology. You may feel like the technology is so advantageous that it will hype itself. It won’t!

In a classroom, a good teacher begins a unit with an anticipatory set. I have a good friend who is a science teacher; he begins each unit with hilarious YouTube videos that introduce the main concepts. The students are eager to dive in. The same goes for adult learning. If the first time the teachers are made aware of new technology is when they enter the training room, you’re doomed! You have to have some sort of PR campaign to tout the benefits of the new technology. Create a funny presentation showing the old way and the new, improved way. Create a short video demoing your new interactive whiteboards. This may seem trivial but it needs to have humor or at least an attempt at humor. Don’t create a presentation with bullet points highlighting the benefits of cloud computing. Create a humorous video showing a teacher losing all of their data when their hard drive crashes and a happy teacher who realizes everything is saved in the cloud.

Tip: You know the cheesy commercials showing cheap kitchen appliances? They over dramatize how bad the old way was and how amazing the new way is. This type of parody is a great way to introduce a new technology initiative. The more self-deprecating and humorous…the better.

Time is ticking! Create your excitement generating content now.

What are you strategies for leading professional development? Please post a comment below and thanks for reading the educational technology blog Teach Amazing.