Ekoloko – Virtual World for Tweens

Ekoloko is an online virtual world for tweens. Because Ekoloko is based in Israel, English is not the default language. Unless you know Hebrew, you must change the language to English before you can use the site. When tweens register for Ekoloko, they navigate through a virtual world introducing them to real-life scenarios and social, ecological and community issues. Ekoloko has rules of conduct to help tweens learn to respect one another and interact positively. Chatting with other users is available, but is limited to public areas, and private messages are limited to pre-determined messages, to keep tweens safe.Ekoloko - Virtual World for Tweens

Ekoloko and Education

Ekoloko provides tweens with a positive place to learn how to interact online. Allow your students to interact with one another in the online world. Use Ekoloko as part of a science curriculum to help students