Embed Voki in Glogster

The Challenge

For some reason, in the educational technology world I just want to embed everything into everything else! So, Is is possible to embed a Voki in Glogster?

Well…not easily. You certainly can’t just put an embed code and it works. Hopefully, Glogster will start allowing embedded content besides movies. Anyway, if you are willing to go through a few steps you can do it. Below is a step by step tutorial on this process. Only free, web-based solutions were used and nothing is uploaded to Youtube since it is blocked in many school districts.

(Sorry, this video is Flash. Future videos will not use Flash…I know it frustrating when a video does not play on an iPad.)



Well, it’s not the most elegant solution but it does work. Embedding Voki in Google Sites and wikis works much easier. What are your ideas? Please post a comment below and thanks for checking out the educational technology blog Teach Amazing!