Fixoodle – Real-time Language Learning

Fixoodle is a tool for real-time language learning. Through Fixoodle, users have the opportunity to post passages in whatever language they are learning and have them corrected by native speakers. All fixes are highlighted, making it easy for users to see mistakes they made. Language learners may also post requests for native speakers to translate passages and socialize with native speakers through video and messaging functions, language partners and language exchanges. By conversing with native speakers in real-life situations, users learn the language more easily.

Fixoodle in the Classroom

Fixoodle has the potential to help improve language instruction in schools. By conversing with native speakers and asking them for help with translation, students learn the relevance of the language and elements of vocabulary and speaking a textbook cannot teach.

FixoodleThe structure of the application prevents students from simply using it as a tool to get their homework completed. Teachers may also set up groups using Fixoodle where students can help each other with translation and writing activities.Teachers, particularly those who teach ESL or large amounts of non-native speakers of English, may use Fixoodle to help them learn a new language. By conversing with native speakers, teachers will begin to cross the language barriers preventing them from fully reaching their students. In addition, Fixoodle can help teachers translate worksheets, letters and other school materials to use with students or to send home to parents who do not speak English.