Flipped Classroom – Real World Student Feedback

As I do most years, I gave my students some reflection questions about our school year together.  Since it was my first year of a totally flipped classroom, I was very curious to see what they’d have to say.

I asked them about how they thought their learning and their confidence had changed.  I asked about their favorites and least favorites and encouraged them to give me advice for changing things for next year.  I asked them about the vocabulary, the gaming, the self teaching, and much more.  I asked them what they thought about a school idea I’m pushing right now.

The most exciting thing for me is that 100% of the students said they loved this class and the way they were able to learn this year.   That is pretty incredible if you ask me.  Definitely the first time in my twenty plus years of teaching that I have had so many students turned on to learning.  Here is my flipped classroom in their words!


“My confidence has change compared to the other years because I used to have to stay with the hole class, and if we had group projects I would have to do them with a group, I didn’t like that. But this year I have learned to actually communicate with the other students. it helps me learn better.”


“ i think that i  have learned a lot this year. i know because i can do more stuff than i did when i started 6th grade. it has changed becuase i feel like i can teach some one what i know with out being wrong like other years.”


Flipped-Classroom---Real-World-Student-Feedback“My confidence has soared far off, I feel more confident than ever. My grandpa does his own construction, this past weekend we worked on a chicken coop. I used to not be able to understand what he was saying, all I knew is he mumbled of numbers. Like 6x9x18 I didn’t know, now I know it means 6 inches high, 9 inches wide, and 18 inches thick. He notice my confidence, he went a step ahead and said them in NAVAJO. My 1st language.”


“I really like self-teach because if you come across a word you don’t know and maybe others do. You can spend time looking it up instead of not knowing what your saying. Yes, I think there beneficial because you can learn at your own level even if it is just the basics. I like to use Mrs. Gutierrez’s website because it has lots of different site you can go on to learn.”


“I learned at least 10 times more than last year. Well the start of the year was very hard but later on it got very simple. At the start of last year I hated math, but 1 year later and it is the best subject ever.”


“I think that I have learned a bunch this year. I know because I came in thinking a Ratio was something that plays music. I think my confidence has gone way above what I thought it was going to be. I used to try to be something someone else wanted me to be. Now I know who I am not something someone else wants me to be.”


“Self teaching days were awesome because I got to pick how I wanted to learn something. Self teaching was very beneficial and helped me a lot. The websites I used most on those days were brainpop and discovery ed.”


“Your schooling idea is AMAZING!!!!!!!. I would definitely want to go to a school like that and yes I would be interested in making a school like that happen.”


“Math talk and my friends were the biggest help to me as I learned this year because, in math talk we discussed what we learned and helped each other understand it better and, whenever I needed help with something, I could jus ask my friends to lead me in the right direction so I could understand the math better.”


“I liked self teaching days because they were days where I could learn as much as I wanted to learn and I could learn it many different ways. I do think that they were beneficial to my learning. I liked to use brain pop and other websites linked on your webpage.”


“I think that the gaming aspect of Manga High helped me because it was a fun, exciting way of learning- totally opposite from workbooks. I liked that there were things we could get if we did certain things, I liked that it ranked us out of north america, I liked that it had games that we could do if we felt like gaming, and I liked that we could get medals. There wasn’t really anything I can think of that I disliked about the website. I really think that this is the way kids should learn.”


“Self-teaching was a way to perhaps understand it better besides the teacher trying to explain it to you. You could just look up something and research it yourself. This way you can actually try and understand it yourself instead of a teacher trying to tell you everything about it.”


“Manga High was a good education source and here’s why: Instead of a teacher lecturing you about it, this website takes everything a normal teacher would say and turns it into a game. This is good because students would rather play games than look through textbooks any day.”


“ yes i feel i have learned so much this year. i have better grades and i am more confident with math than i was last year. it has changed like 100% “


“My favorite thing that I liked is Manga High because it gives you goals like medals like Gold, Silver, and Bronze. I also liked how you could go back and try again until you get the highest you can get (Gold). This year I din’t really have any thing that I disliked.”


“Yes, because the self teaching made me understand more because I had to figure it out myself. I think my confidence level has gone up because I talk to more people, and I have more courage than last year.”


“I feel like I did pretty well on my projects this year! I understood them, and had fun with them. I can safely say that most of my projects were just to strengthen my understanding about the lessons being taught. “


“On the self teaching days I felt like they really helped me understand the material that was being taught. I also felt really engaged in my learning.”