Flipped Classroom – Screen Recording Tips

Screen recordings are an important part of the flipped classroom and numerous other instructional activities. You don’t have to be a pro videographer or presenter to create fantastic looking screen recordings. And, you can create your videos with free services with no software to install. Let’s explore several important tips that take a screen recording from amateur to pro.

Change to Windows Basic

If you are using a Windows computer, a common mistake is to leave the Theme as and Aero Theme. Themes are found in Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Personalization.

flipped classroom recording tips 1

These themes have transparency which looks cool, but it makes the project look unprofessional. When you can see a cluttered desktop or a picture of someone’s cat behind the window, it is distracting.

flipped classroom recording tips 2

To solve this, change your theme to Windows Basic.

flipped classroom recording tips 3

Use a Headset Mic

If you are going to make one change to improve videos for flipped classroom instruction, use a headset mic. The microphone on your computer will record with poor quality and capture all sorts of background noise. I recommend a USB headset (just Google “USB headset”). I personally use a Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset but there are many brands that will do the job.

flipped classroom recording tips 5

Resize Your Window

I have seen countless videos where I can see the user’s desktop and other extraneous items. Seeing other unimportant icons, windows, etc. makes your screen recording look unprofessional.

flipped classroom recording tips 4


The solution is simple. Before you start your recording, resize your window to fit the recording size exactly. I’ll show you how below.


Let’s put these tips into action. Watch this short demo video.