FlipSnack – Turn PDF Files into Flipping Books

FlipSnack is a tool for turning PDF files into flipping books.  To make a flipping book, upload a PDF, customize it and share. Customization options consist of the classic and interactive flips, which resemble traditional online books the hardcover flip, designed to look like a hard cover book and the coil flip, which has a look similar to a spiral-bound notebook. You may also change the colors, highlight links and change the size of the book. When the book is complete, it may be share through Facebook, Twitter or e-mail or embedded with a watermark. With a premium account you may download the file or embed it without a watermark and access other features on the site.

Flipsnack - Teach Amazing

FlipSnack in the Classroom

FlipSnack provides teachers and students with new ways to present materials in the classroom. Scan students’ work and save it as PDF files to create a flipping book to showcase their work. Turn PowerPoint slides into flipping books for students to review. Combine pictures, notes and other resources to create a book related to a unit. Save your lesson plans as PDFs and turn them into a flipping book for easy browsing. Ask students to turn research papers and short stories into flipping books by adding graphics to their text and saving them as PDFs. The result will be professional-looking, organized presentations for use in multiple ways.