Fotobabble – Bring Photos to Life

Fotobabble - Bring photos to life

Imagine a tool that brings a voice to the historical figures and literary characters that regularly put your students to sleep. Fotobabble allows you to record audio to accompany any photo you upload.  It’s more than an opportunity to add audio notes to slideshows, although you can do that too. Fotobabble helps make otherwise boring content engaging.

You can have Abraham Lincoln crack a joke about his beard or rap the Gettysburg Address.  Maybe you want to give literary characters unique voices to help get students interested in a classic novel or have dinosaurs talk about the reasons they went extinct. The more creative you are, the more disinterested students will pay attention.

Fotobabble provides a fun new way to present research projects. It lets students tell stories and share thoughts without getting caught up with spelling words properly and using punctuation. They can narrate science experiments, describe artwork and record observations. Students, especially your future celebrities and attention-seekers, will be more excited about recording an assignment than writing something down.

Once you register for a free account with Fotobabble, all you need is a picture and a microphone to wake your students up and boost their interest in your lessons.