Funding in the Classroom

Post the Project Online

One of the best ways to secure donors is to promote a project online. From parent donors to anonymous givers, there are many people online that are willing to provide the funds a teacher needs to carry out his or her classroom projects. When posting projects online, it is best to do so across a wide range of social media platforms as well as on donor websites.

Provide Detail

When giving funds, donors want to know exactly what their money will be going towards. To give them a full description, a teacher needs to provide a lot of detail when posting a donation request. From telling donors how their funds will go towards high school microscopes to paying for gas to transport students to a nearby museum, it’s important that donors are well aware that their money be well-spent.


The best way to start off a donation project is for the teacher to donate at least $5. This is important because it shows that the teacher believes in the project so much that he or she willing to put forth funds too.

Funding-in-the-Classroom-Get-Your-Students-What-They-Need-to-SucceedAsk for $400 or Less

When it comes to donation success, projects tend to get funded if they are $400 or less.  Fortunately, there are many classroom projects that can be carried out for under this amount.  If your project requires more that this amount, try to break it down into smaller phases under the $400 level.

Advertise on Social Networks

The ultimate social media platform to promote and advertise a classroom project on is Facebook. With over one billion users, there are many people on this site who are willing to donate.  You can also ask your students and parents to promote the project on their time-lines as well to increase your reach.  It’s also wise to use as many additional social media platforms as you can.  This will also increase your exposure and as these platforms are free, there’s really no downside to taking advantage of them.

Promote the Project

Other great ways to secure funds are through other types of promotion. Effective promotional techniques include:

  • Word-of-mouth
  • Newspaper ads
  • Radio ads

It is of the utmost importance that students get the most out of their school experiences. To do this, teachers need to carry out a wide range of classroom projects. During this process, it’s helpful to keep in mind the above mentioned funding tips.