If you can’t stand SharePoint, try GlassCubes.


GlassCubes says:

Glasscubes focuses on simplicity, clarity, and ease of use making it truly unique; you’ll love using Glasscubes.

Share and manage all your business content
Never know if you’re looking at the right version of a file? Organize and view all of your content online in a familiar file & folder structure and keep track of all the versions – instantly view any version without anything getting lost in other peoples email boxes.

Project Management and collaboration
Project’s go well when people can organize and communicate clearly – Glasscubes focuses on this making it easy and transparent to everybody involved.

Glasscubes saves everyone time and therefore money getting work done and not wasting time bogged down in emails.

Powerful search
Like using Google, Bing or Yahoo to find things? So do we! – Glasscubes has a very powerful enterprise search facility built on advance technology which allows you to search not only titles of documents but also the content.

Have it your way
Brand Glasscubes they way you want to with your logo and colours. Client and customers will love your professional portal to share content and manage projects.

Free conference calling
Glasscubes has free built in conference calling with 10 international phone numbers to call in on. Get more work done efficiently and get everyone on the same page.