Glogster is a powerful, easy and cool multimedia poster creator.

Glogster - Web 2.0 poster

Glogster says:


Be the easiest and most powerful publishing platform.

About us:

Glogster debuted in 2007 as a unique social network based on the creation and sharing of Glogs – interactive posters loaded with text, graphics, music, videos, and more. Glogster’s goal was to provide an outlet for unlimited creative expression online. It didn’t take long for users to get hooked! In 2009 Glogster launched Glogster EDU, a secure learning platform for teachers and students. Today, Glogster empowers millions of people all over the world with a space to express their emotions, ideas, and knowledge online. Glogster is Yours!

Glogster Story:

Glogster was founded by Roman Smola, Martin Santorcl and Patrik Prepsl and was launched in December 2007. Glogster was developed as a resource for digital boundless expression and a better alternative to offline boards, posters, or complicated web tools…