Hakia – Semantic Search Portal

Search Alternative

Of course I love Google and use it to search about a zillion times a day. However, many times I don’t think I am getting the complete picture. I really want various content types on the same search results page. Enter Hakia.

My New Fav

Hakia is officially my new favorite search engine. Of course I may change my mind next week. The term search engine is not actually correct; it is a semantic search portal. The semantic part is a little complicated but basically, the code tries to discern what you are looking for and fetch the best results possible. It is not just a keyword search.

Hakia – Semantic Search PortalThe Results

I love how search results are displayed. Various sections are populated on a single page. Sections include web, news, blogs, Twitter, images and videos. The Twitter feed is a real plus for me and gives an indication of the current pulse of a particular topic.

Give Hakia a try the next time you are doing some research. Make sure you try it in the classroom as well. Students need to know that Google is not the only search provider on the planet.

What other search engines do you use? Please post your ideas below and thanks for reading the educational technology blog Teach Amazing!