I’m Not Pinterested!

I know I am in a very, very small minority in the educational community, but I’m just not Pinterested! Gasp! Seriously, when was the last time you asked an educator, “Are you obsessed with Pinterest,” and they said, “Nope!” Here’s why…


Too Distracting

I’m a list person…not because I like to make lists and check them off (I actually hate it). I have to make a list and follow it because I am easily distracted. Otherwise, I get nothing done and I’m hopelessly behind. When I get on Pinterest, I look up and an hour or two have passed and I have no idea what I was looking at. Basically, I just spent valuable time going, “That’s cool…that’s cool, too.” I actually feel bad about the “wasted” time.


I'm Not Pinterested - Teach AmazingToo Many Social Networks

I am constantly on social media overload. I seriously can’t deal with another form of social media. I haven’t signed in to my Facebook account in months…huge gasp! I do like Twitter though! You may notice that there are no memberships, or forums on the Teach Amazing site. That is on purpose because the last thing you need is another educational forum site. So, the thought of interacting on Pinterest gives me the shivers.


Too Commercial

An overwhelming majority of the images and pins on Pinterest are now commercial. Most of the pics are professional images and are product placements. There is now marketing software that automates entire Pinterest accounts. So, in my eyes, the magic is gone.


Like I said, I am way in the minority on this. And, of course, Teach Amazing has a Pinterest account. So, go ahead and follow us and we will do our best to only pin real-world relevant teaching ideas from amazing teachers. Feel free to suggest pins to us…it just won’t be me doing the pinning!