Imagistory – Spark Creative Storytelling

Digital Storytelling

Spark creative storytelling with Imagistory, an iPad app for younger students. Within the app, students choose a picture book included with the app. Currently, two books are included for free. Of course additional picture books are available for a small price, however, the free books work well for a storytelling lesson. After choosing a book, students record their voice telling a story or their interpretation of the picture.


Easy to Use

imagistoryUsing Imagistory is easy for young students. First, students choose a book. At this point, make sure the students have explored the book and planned the story, before recording. To record, the app will need access to your device’s camera and microphone…the camera is used to take a picture of the student for the author profile. Then, start recording. When the students flips the page, the recording continues. Completed stories can be saved, played, and edited.

Give this app a try with your younger students and see how different the stories are with the same picture book!

What other similar apps are you using?