Jog the Web – Easily Share Website Collections

Jog the WebDo you regularly browse the web and wish you had an easy way to organize and share the wealth of neat websites you find? Maybe you need an easy way to create a simple WebQuest or want to help students conduct guided research. Jog the Web offers a creative solution.

Check out this Jog, which guides students in writing letters to Santa Claus, to get an idea of what a typical Jog looks like. With Jog the Web you essentially create a slideshow of websites for students to explore. With each website, you have the ability to add annotations, such as comments or questions, to guide students as they go through the activity or conduct research.

Since all sites are displayed within your Jog, students don’t have to worry about typing in an address incorrectly or switching back and forth between the assignment and webpage. With Jog the Web, you get a resource that maximizes students’ time on-task and directs them to educational websites that enhance your content.