Kwout – Quote the Web

Kwout is a tool for quoting from webpages and images. To use Kwout, add the bookmarklet to your browser. When you find something you want to quote, you click the bookmarklet, which takes a screenshot of the page.  Then, like using the crop tool in photo editing software, you highlight what you want to quote, click “cut out” and copy the code to embed the quote on your website or post it directly to your social networking account.

Kwout in the Classroom

Kwout - Teach Amazing - Tips and Tricks to Teach Your Best

Kwout provides teachers with a new way to share websites with their students. When creating a web quest, embed images from Kwout onto web quest pages to give students something to look for when they visit a website. Lead students on an Internet scavenger hunt by adding a list of images from Kwout on a web page and help them develop their research skills as they look for the information.

For time-crunched teachers, Kwout saves time. Instead of re-typing or copying, pasting and re-formatting large blocks of text, use Kwout to quickly cut out the text and put it on your web page.  Since hyperlinks stay active in whatever you cut out, you can easily transfer lists of links from one web page to another. With the “My Kwout” feature, you also have the ability to access all of your quotes, making it easy to find information you may have lost.