Lectrio – Simple, Free Course Management System

Lectrio is a tool for sharing course materials with students. While similar tools such as Blackboard and WebCT cost a lot of money, Lectrio is absolutely free. Begin using Lectrio by creating a course.  From there, upload relevant documents or add links to YouTube videos, websites and other resources.  Add a timetable to share due dates and other course events with students, create assignments and track missing assignments and grades.

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Lectrio in Education

Because Lectrio is free, it saves schools the money they would normally spend on costly course management systems. Instead of purchasing multiple systems for sharing course materials, managing student attendance, tracking grades and creating reports, Lectrio is a way to do it all with one free system. It also saves teachers and students the hassle of navigating a complicated system. The Lectrio system is simple to use and teachers create their own accounts, therefore they have complete control over what the account contains and who accesses it.

Your students will never have an excuse for losing an important paper or forgetting a due date. Whether you teach middle school, high school or college-level courses, use Lectrio to keep students up-to-date with assignments, due dates, exam schedules and more. Use the group discussion tool to provide students with a place to ask questions about course material or enhance the curriculum by starting discussions and requiring student participation.