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Best Math Games Ever!

You have to check out Manga  It is a games based website that is easy and fun to use.  It is a mostly free site, but you can pay extra and get incredible analytics and differentiation abilities as well.

You first register as a teacher and then you can add your students in.  Once they are in, you can give them assignments.  There are two types of assignments, games and prodigis.

The prodigis are ten question quizzes that students can take.  They are well aligned to the common core and cover many grade levels and topics.  You can search through them easily and assign the ones that fit right into your curriculum needs.

When a student takes one of these quizzes, they are given a chance to learn about the concept using the built in tutorials.  Once they start, it lets them know immediately if their answers are wrong or right. This immediate feedback is my favorite part of the site.  If they get a few right, they jump into a bit harder content and continue on.  If they get a few wrong, it puts them back down a level.  They are allowed two hints and one free solve for each quiz.  Each question is also timed, so it focuses them to stay on task.

Each question is posed as a word problem or a conceptual building question. There is a lot of built in vocabulary and even mental math skill building. 

Once a student is finished with a quiz, they can go back through the questions and see solutions for the ones they got wrong.  This is a great time for me to jump in with them and help them figure out why they missed those problems.

The students’ favorite part of taking the quizzes is that it is a gaming program and it awards medals for mastery.  They first receive a bronze, followed by a silver, and finally a gold.  Each level takes the math concepts deeper and deeper.  I’ve seen a strong correlation between gold medals and mastery on the assessments I give them.

Besides the medals, there is a leader board for each quiz.  Students love to see their names as one of the top in the class on that quiz.  The nice thing is that many times, less abled students are the first to make a high score, so their name will appear there, which is a huge confidence booster.


Manga Math - Web 2.0 Math Games


School vs. School

Another favorite aspect of the website for my students is the challenges we have against different schools, called Fai-Tos.  These challenges are based on twenty-four hour units of competition.  The school that earns the most medals during the round gain a point.  Once a school wins five points, they are declared the winner and they receive a new school trophy.  Those virtual trophies are a real sense of pride.

Another intriguing aspect is their school leader boards.  Our school has gotten as high as second in North America, which is a huge ego boost for the entire student body.

Deep Math Games

The site also has a lot of rich, deep math games.  You really have to know your stuff to get good at those games.  The kids love playing them and so do most adults I know.  If nothing else, have your students try the games.

Besides all of the gaming and leader boards, there are great analytics.  You can quickly visually check for missing work, for students struggling with concepts, and what type of progress each student is making towards their goals.

This website is by far my favorite tool I’ve ever found as a math teacher.  The students have stayed engaged with it all year.  I’ve seen a deeper level of understanding of concepts and procedural skills.  Their customer service is professional and has quick response times.  If you’ve never visited this website, now is the time!

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