Meaki – Clip the Web

Meaki is a tool for clipping interesting images, quotes and information you find on the web. Using Meaki, you create Clipsets which contain the webpages you have clipped and help you organize the material into relevant topics. Those Clipsets may then be shared or accessed through the application’s search feature. Unlike some bookmarking applications which simply link to the websites you save, Meaki takes a picture of your clips, which makes them accessible even if the website is altered or taken down. After installing the Clip-it Button, you can clip away.Meaki - Clip the Web

Meaki and Education

Schools have the ability to create a library of Clipsets for students to access and use. With a premium school account, teachers can create Clipsets to supplement their material or for students to use as part of a Webquest. Meaki also provides a way for teachers to share information with one another. As teachers find valuable resources to use in their classrooms, they can add them to a Clipset and share their Clipsets with other teachers.Students may also use Meaki. As they conduct research, students can clip websites and add them to a Clipset for easy access to relevant information when they write a research paper. Instead of conducting their own research, students may also be able to find Clipsets created by other users with the information they need. Teachers may have students create Clipsets to represent their favorite or answer creative journal prompts, such as what they would buy with a million dollars.