Wow! MockupTiger is an awesome tool for designers!


Here’s what MockUpTiger says:

Mockup Tiger helps you build wireframes, mockups and prototypes. It is a web based Rapid prototyping application. You can install in on your desktop or host it yourself just like wordpress, drupal or joomla.

Sketch your Idea

  • Mockups look like sketches and doodles
  • Focus on blue print of website
  • Stay quick and dirty
  • Communicate and get your ideas across effortlessly

Enterprise Collaboration

  • One click URL sharing
  • Stay cozy and private with your team
  • Involve your clients
  • Work with multiple teams and clients
  • Re-use your work

Clickable Prototypes

  • Import High fidelity images
  • Annotate your Photoshop images and overlay widgets
  • Link all the pixel perfect sketches
  • View the clickable prototype in your browser
  • Send it to your client for usability testing