Much Enough – Online Learning Tool

Much Enough is a tool for using your webcam to learn or teach online. To use Much Enough, instructors create course content, set their availability and market their courses. Students looking to learn browse the courses. Students browse the courses to find one of interest and schedule a session based on the instructor’s availability.  The cost and length of the courses vary by subject and instructor.

Much Enough in Education

Much Enough provides an opportunity for teachers to make a secondary income. Create professional development courses for other teachers or turn your subject matter expertise into a course available to students throughout the world. Occasionally parents ask teachers to tutor a student during the summer or outside of school time. Much Enough offers a platform for this type of one-on-one tutoring. Offer a special brush-up course during the summer or create a free course for students who wish to learn more about a particular subject.

For students, Much Enough provides an opportunity to receive tutoring from professionals or learn more about specific subjects. Parents may schedule Much Enough courses to keep students learning during the summer or to help students learn a new language from a native speaker. The majority of content on Much Enough focuses on technology and language skills, making it an ideal resource for foreign language and business and technology classrooms.