myHomework – Schoolwork Organizer

myHomework is a tool to help students organize and manage their schedules, responsibilities and assignments. To get started with myHomework, students must register for myHomework and pay a small, one-time fee. For the fee, students receive class tracking, have the ability to list homework assignments and projects and are reminded when assignments are due. Since the application is available online, through Facebook and on smartphones, students have access to the application even if they are not at a computer.

myHomework - Schoolwork Organizer

Who Needs myHomework?

Organized and disorganized students can benefit from using myHomework. Already organized students will appreciate the simple, clean design of my homework and enjoy finding a new way to organize their lives. The calendar view allows already organized students to see what they have to complete on a given day and helps make sure they continue to stay on task.For disorganized students, myHomework offers a simple, easy way to become organized, at least where assignments are concerned. Teachers and parents may have to remind students to take out their phones or access the app online to record their homework assignments and project due dates, but once they are added, students will remember them. These students will appreciate due date reminders one day and one hour before assignments are due and on the upcoming assignments tab. When assignments are late, a red tab will continually remind students of late assignments and encourage them to complete them.